Instagram Carousel: 4 Ways to Use Instagram Carousels

Instagram Carousel: 4 Ways to Use Instagram Carousels

Having to choose just one picture to showcase an important event or a product may seem a little unfair. After all, you may want to display various moods of the overall experience. Similarly, for your products, you may want to share product variations including different colors, patterns, or sizes.

That’s where Carousel posts on Instagram can come in handy. They enable you to highlight the best features of your product in full glory.

Instagram Carousel: 4 Ways to Use Instagram Carousels

With the Carousel feature, you can post multiple images and videos in a single post. Instagram allows you to post up to 10 photos and videos together. You can think of it as an expandable folder. In some ways, it’s also like a slideshow.

In Carousel posts, you can edit each of these photos or videos individually or with the use of a common filter for all the media files. But since it’s considered as a single post, you’ll have to use a single caption and location for all of them. When you publish a Carousel post, your audience will see a set of dots under the imagery.

4 Ways to Use Instagram Carousels

1. Product launch

Instagram is a perfect way to tease your followers with your next product launch. Use the Carousel to include pictures, specs, and even a first look. 80% of Instagram users follow a business since Instagram is known for business engagement.

2. Full-length videos/images

Have a full-length commercial or photo that’s too big for Instagram? Give it the Carousel treatment. TechCrunch highlights a packing robot from Amazon in the two-video Carousel featured below. Sometimes full videos can do what a commercial or quick clip can’t.


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Meet the robots that help get your Amazon packages on time 🤖 #robotics #ai #statenisland #amazon

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Image sourceTechCrunch

3. Brand personality

Instagram is the perfect place to build your brand and company culture. Show the people behind the screen and highlight those who make your business what it is. Check out how Boston-based coffee company Pavement does this by spotlighting their employees and their favorite coffee blend.


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Image source: Pavement Coffeehouse

4. Customer testimonials

Ecommerce giant Shopify uses Carousels to promote its customer reviews in a weekly podcast. This is a great way to generate more leads and maintain existing customer relationships.


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Image source: Shopify


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